We Understand Dogs

Because dogs are natural “pack” animals, being away from home and their family can be very stressful for them. At BratPak, your dog boarding service in Livermore, our goal is to become your dog’s secondary “pack,” where he/she will always feel welcome and comfortable. We use our expertise in dog behavior to constantly assess your dog for anxiety, then apply our specialized techniques to reduce your dog’s stress while in our care. This approach leads to healthier and happier dogs who can’t wait to come back!

Kennel vs “Cage-Free”

Depending on whether your dog is crate trained, isolation can be a very significant factor in triggering a dog’s anxiety. Because dogs are very social creatures (that’s why we love them, after all), one of the things they fear most is to be left alone, particularly when away from home. Unfortunately, to a dog, a “luxury suite” with a king-size bed and flat-screen TV is still a “cage” when they are isolated from people and other dogs. Our “boutique” boarding concept is designed to simulate your dog’s home environment, where we will always have someone there WITH THEM in the same room. Inside our boarding area, owners will have the option of crating their dogs, or allowing them to sleep in a “cage-free” environment. If cage-free, the dogs basically will decide where (and with whom) they’ll sleep, and our human “chaperone” will be right there with them. This environment ultimately reduces your dog’s anxiety during their stay and provides him/her a true home away from home.