Why shouldn’t I just use a dog walker or in-home sitter?

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We’re all for using dog walkers and in-home sitters for variety, but the difference between their services and BratPak are night and day! For starters, there is no better way to socialize and exercise your dog than BratPak. Off-leash play with other dogs is the best way to satisfy dogs physically and mentally. Another issue you should consider is the fact that many walkers/sitters are not “trained” in dog behavior. They may have “experience,” but that doesn’t equate to a good foundation in dog behavior. Unless they’ve had formal training in dog behavior and social interaction, they don’t have the tools necessary to respond quickly if there is an issue with another one of the dogs in their care.  If they take your dog to the dog park, there is no guarantee what dogs they will encounter there. So, for basically the same price, and possibly cheaper, your dog can enjoy the full BratPak experience!

What questions should I ask when researching dog daycare and boarding facilities (including ‘in-home’ sitters)?

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I LOVE this question (and listed it first) because it is CRITICAL you do your homework to ensure your precious pooch is in the right hands while you’re away.Below is a list of the most important questions you should be asking your dog care provider:

• Can I tour the facility/home?
If you are not able to see EVERY area your dog will visit, find another option.

BratPak: Stop by anytime! Plus we have our famous “BRAT Kams!” for your viewing pleasure.

• How many dogs do you keep for daycare & boarding?
If the number seems too high for the space, the number of staff, or the caregiver’s level of competence, keep looking.

BratPak: We limit our overnight boarding to 25 dogs, and our daykare to 50 (counting boarders).

• What vaccinations are required?
At a minimum, the facility should require RABIES, DISTEMPER, PARVO, HEPATITIS and BORDATELLA (Kennel Cough).

BratPak: We require all of the above.

• Is the staff specifically trained in dog behavior?
If so, what are their credentials? If not, move on.

BratPak: Our owner and general manager graduated from Animal Behavior College in Santa Clarita, CA, and is certified in obedience and behavior modification. He built customized training plans, including hands-on training, that every employee must complete.

• How long are the dogs kenneled within a 24-hour period?
Many facilities (and even some home sitters) offer limited playtime for the dogs, and some cage them for 12 HOURS overnight–UNATTENDED! We consider this unacceptable!

BratPak: Dogs in our care are NEVER caged during our regular business hours OR overnight when we have at least 5 dogs. Of course, we can also crate dogs when upon an owner’s request.

• How do you handle separation anxiety?
This is possibly the ONE THING that will determine whether your dog is comfortable and happy during his stay. If the care provider cannot provide a specific plan to alleviate separation anxiety, or even worse, has no plan, you need to find another provider.

BratPak: This is our specialty! First, dogs who are free to roam and play do not typically get as anxious as when kenneled in a strange environment. Additionally, we use our expertise in dog behavior to continually assess our guests for signs of stress and take deliberate actions to reduce their anxiety.

• Is the staff friendly and courteous to both you and your dog?

If you don’t get an immediate warm vibe from the staff, or lack confidence that they genuinely LOVE dogs (and their job), it’s not a good sign. Look elsewhere.

BratPak: Our goal is that both you and your dog feel very comfortable each time you walk in our facility. It helps that we only hire the cream of the crop when it comes to dog lovers.

Will my dog be safe in an open-play environment?

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Absolutely! SAFETY is always our top priority. All our staff members are extensively trained in dog behavior, pet first aid and CPR, and will always be present with your dog in play areas. In addition, dogs will be separated by size and temperament to ensure all play is not only fun, but safe!

Is my dog eligible for BratPak daykare and boarding?

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  • At least 4 months old.
  • Spayed or neutered if over 6 months old.
  • Current on all required vaccinations. (DHLPP, Rabies, & Bordetella).
  • Well socialized with dogs and people.
  • Successfully passes the BratPak greeting test. (Call to schedule)

Is my puppy welcome at BratPak?

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Absolutely! As long as they are at least 4 months old, we welcome pups with open arms (literally)! Plus, the many benefits BratPak offers are tremendous, especially for puppies. They not only get critical exercise and closely monitored social interaction, they learn invaluable doggie “manners” from the other good dogs in our care. And the FUN they will have is beyond description!

Doggie DayKare

What are the benefits of ‘doggie daycare’?

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Many people have no idea how beneficial dog daycare can be for their dogs! The benefits are too numerous to mention, and most trainers even recommend occasional daycare to their clients. The biggest benefits are that it provides dogs with ample exercise, mental stimulation, and social interaction with their fun, furry friends. This keeps them happy and healthy, and even reduces potential problem behaviors like chewing, digging, barking, and jumping. Because the dogs at BratPak are “tested” and monitored by trained staff, your dog will literally learn basic doggie manners as he/she plays. A win for everyone!

How long does it take to check my dog in each day?

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At BratPak, we strive hard to make your drop-off experience as convenient as possible. In fact, we offer the quickest check-in process in the industry! Once your dog is registered with us and we have your credit card (or DayKare package) on file, all you need to do is show up with your pup and we’ll take it from there. Sometimes we’ll even meet you at your car! (To ensure accurate charges, please let us know if you only need a full- or half-day at drop-off.)

When can I drop my dog off and pick them up for DayKare?

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For a full day of daykare, you can drop off and pick up your dog at any time before 11:00 AM seven days a week. For a half day, you can drop off any time before 11:00 AM, but must pick up within 5 hours to avoid a full day’s charge.

How long is the wait to drop off my dog in the morning or pickup in the evening?

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At BratPak, we strive hard to make your experience as pleasant (and efficient) as possible. We will be busiest during our peak daykare drop-off and pick-up periods (Mon-Fri, 7-9am and 4-6pm). Even during the rush, your wait should be no more than 5 minutes—ever! If you know you’ll be in a hurry, feel free to call ahead so we can get you pup ready for you!


Can I bring my dog for grooming even if I am not registered at BratPak?

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Sure can! Unfortunately, to enjoy our free playtime with grooming special, your dog will need to be registered at BratPak, to include having passed our greeting test.

Do I need to make a reservation for grooming?

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For sure! We have limited slots available per day so we fill up fast.

When can I drop my dog off and pick them up?

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If your dog is staying with us on the day of your grooming appointment, standard drop-off and pick-up times apply. If your dog is not staying with us (but has passed the BratPak greeting test, feel free to drop your dog off up to an hour prior to your appointment, and he/she can stay up to an hour later. This gives your dog plenty of time to join his/her buddies in the play yard and get some quality exercise—for free!