At BratPak, the premier dog boarding service in Livermore, our top priority will always be your dog’s safety and happiness.  This is why we provide ALL-DAY PLAY with every dog we keep. In order to provide your pup with the absolute best overnight experience in our special “boutique” dog boarding area, it’s very important we establish a “family” of dogs–it’s the “BratPak” difference.  Our boarding requirements are in place to ensure your dog always feels safe and comfortable in our unique environment. The policies also ensure your dog is accepted by all of the other dogs as part of the “PAK.”  This results in a calmer, more pleasant experience for your pup during their stay.

General Boarding Policies

1. Boarding reservations are contingent upon regular DayKare attendance, with “regular” defined as at least one DayKare visit per week for the month prior to any boarding reservations, or at least three (3) DayKare visits prior to the boarding dates. The DayKare visits must include at least one FULL DAY of DayKare.
2. BratPak reserves the right to cancel boarding reservations at any time when DayKare requirements aren’t met or when the dog’s behavior is determined to be incompatible with BratPak’s all-day play environment.